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Last updated 9/3/2016 4:45 PM

CMP has initiated an international process to gauge the market's interest in acquiring the subsidiary, Copenhagen Malmö Port Norra Hamnen AB, which will be responsible for the RoRo, Container and Combi operations in Norra Hamnen, Malmö.

CMP has consequently published a notice in the EU's official digital procurement journal, TED (Tenders Electronic Daily).

Interested parties can find further information in the notice here.



Copenhagen Malmö Port Norra Hamnen AB 559061-3963



CMP Norra hamnen AB
Terminalgatan 18
P.O. Box 566
201 25 Malmö


E-post adress:



CMP Norra hamnen AB
Ref. (same as before)
P.O. Box 566
201 25 Malmö


E-post adress for pdf-invoices:

 Visit Adress:
Hemsögatan 5, Malmö, Sweden
Tel: +46 40 680 4100

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