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CMP has become a hub for import and handling of new cars in the Baltic Sea Region.

Within the automobile area CMP has experienced a fantastic development and as a result of this CMP has today four dedicated car terminals. This development has been made possible by:

  • Central location in the Øresund Region with almost four millions consumers 
  • Central location for in the Baltic Sea Region. Denmark, Sweden and Norway can be reached without further transshipment
  • Frequent calls of feeder ships and transocean car carriers 
  • All types of services for the automotive industry offered
  • Modern facilities with water depth up to 10 m
  • Investment of more than 35 million euros in new quays, terminals and infrastructure 
  • Well-trained and dedicated staff

CMP’s business philosophy is to provide the best comprehensive logistics platform for our customers and to meet our customers’ high demands for safe and effective handling with top-quality service. CMP has created large-scale and competitive solutions and terminals for handling imported vehicles in our facilities both in Copenhagen and Malmö.
The business area will have the opportunity to significantly expand its capacity in Frihamne as the container terminal was moved to Norra hamnen a 200,000 m2 new area bacame available.

CMP has been approved by “Norske Veritas Quality Management System Standards” in accordance with ISO 9001 and the International Environmental Code ISO 14001. 



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