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Ferries are the pulse of the port

Ferries are an integral part of port life. CMP's quays service both the classic Oslo route and combined ro-ro and passenger ferries.

Ferry traffic is essential to the pulse of any living port city. CMP's ferry berths for international routes are located as close to the centre of Copenhagen and Malmö as anybody could wish.

In 2011, more than 800,000 passengers on shipping routes between Denmark and Norway or Germany chose to travel to or from CMP.

Ferry terminal close to centre
In 2004, a new ferry terminal opened in Søndre Frihavn in Copenhagen. The new terminal accommodate up to three ships at a time and handle 400 cars and 2,000 passengers. The terminal is also used for ro-ro ferries, which transport trucks and trailers carrying cargo.

Ferries to Oslo in Norwa dock in Søndre Frihavn, where passengers are delighted to find that they have arrived in central Copenhagen. The terminal is just a short distance from the sights in the city centre, and the motorway network is easily accessible for those who are heading to other destinations in Denmark, or perhaps elsewhere in Europe.

The large DFDS Seaways ships are a familiar sight in Copenhagen. The ships slowly pull into or depart from the basin at Frihavnen, surrounded by the nice, new neighbourhood filled with homes and offices that has evolved over the past few years.

Copenhagen–Oslo – a classic route
DFDS Seaways' route between Copenhagen and Oslo may be a well-established classic, but it has also kept up with the times. The elegant "Oslo boats" are a popular phenomenon. For generations they have ferried large numbers of Danes to Oslo by sea to enjoy the ski slopes on a winter break or to take an active summer holiday in the beautiful Norwegian landscape. The route is also popular with people on long motoring holidays in northern Scandinavia and Europe.

The ships on the route are “Pearl Scandinavia”, which has a capacity of 2,100 passengers and 360 cars, and “Crown Scandinavia”, capacity of 2,000 passengers and 450 cars.

Today, the journey between Copenhagen and Oslo has become a draw in its own right, as a mini-cruise over an extended weekend or a short holiday. The ships offer beautiful surroundings, delicious food, shopping and plenty of entertainment for all ages.

Holidaymakers take Travemünde-Malmö
The shipping company Nordö-Link sails three times a day from CMP in Malmö to Travemünde in Germany. The three ships on this route, “Finn Partner”, “Finntrader” and “Finneagle”, are combined ro-ro and passenger ships, primarily carrying trucks and trailers with cargo, as well as private cars and caravans.


More space for ferries in Malmö
In 2011, the Malmö–Travemunde ferry route is mooved from Nyhamnen to an entirely new location in Norra Hamnen, Malmö. This is one of the changes brought about by CMP's large-scale construction project in Malmö, which is currently in full swing. Three new terminals, including a ferry terminal, was be built in Norra hamnen. One thousand metres of moorage will be added, with a water depth of 8.5 metres. Ferries to Germany dock here. One of the advantages of the new terminal is that it means shorter voyage times on the Malmö–Travemünde route.

Busy Oslo boat in port
Even though the Oslo boat is in port, there is no time to relax. These ships are floating mini-societies that need a lot of work if they are to run smoothly – and not just during the voyage. The time the ships spend in dock is also extremely important and must be used as efficiently as possible.

Between 09:15, when “Pearl” or “Crown Scandinavia” slips into the ferry berth in Copenhagen, and 17:00, when she leaves again, the crew have to fit in bunkering, cleaning, repairs, washing and sluicing.

A large team of cleaners comes on board to spruce up the cabins, make the beds and replace 2,500 towels. Ten tons of waste have to be removed from the ship, and several tons of food and drinks are taken on board, destined for the ship's restaurants, bars and cafes.

Passengers start to board at 15:30. By 17:00 all passengers, cars, buses and trucks must be in place, ready to sail for Oslo.


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