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CMP has the largest liquid bulk terminals in the Øresund region. Import and export of liquid bulk products are oriented towards international and regional markets.

CMP’s business philosophy is to provide the best customers facilities, and to meet their high demands for fast, effective and flexible operation.

CMP’s market position is based on:

  • Central location in the Øresund Region with almost four million inhabitants
  • Ideal location for handling and storage of transit oil
  • Quays, terminals and available storage
  • Pipeline to Copenhagen Airport
  • Investment in new infrastructure and equipment
  • Close co-operation with partners and sub-suppliers
  • Well-trained and committed staff

Large amounts of transit oil are transited via CMP terminals in both Copenhagen and Malmö. CMP has excellent facilities for handling large volumes of transit oil. Deep water quays make CMP the ideal partner for this operation.

The Øresund region has an important bunker station for the large number of vessels passing. Both Copenhagen and Malmö are able to accommodate bunker vessels and their equipment. Bunker vessels make several calls every day when serving the international maritime industry from CMP.

Every year CMP receives large quantities of jet fuel for Copenhagen Airport. The large quantities are stored at Prøvestenen before they are pumped to the airport via pipeline.

Comprehensive maintenance work will be carried out in Copenhagen in 2009, and a special unit for recycling petrol vapours will be built in Malmö. The overall aim is to provide updated facilities that ensure proactive protection of the environment.

CMP has been approved by “Norske Veritas Quality Management System Standards” in accordance with ISO 9001 and the International Environmental Code ISO 14001.  

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