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CMP is Scandinavia’s second largest port and terminal operator and offers an ideal location for distribution in the Øresund Region and the Baltic Sea Region.

CMP provides access to an infrastructure that ensures goods are processed quickly and safely. CMP plays a key role in stock control, as well as the loading and unloading of cargo for a number of companies.

Today CMP’s solid market position is based on:
• Being the largest hub for distribution of cars in the Baltic Sea Region
• A strong position in container handling
• A key role in storage and the transhipment of transit oil
• A leading position within ferry traffic and ro-ro
• Being a hub for steel products and bulk commodities

CMP offers regular shipping services to a wealth of destinations, daily road transport, a well-developed railway network and a modern international airport.

Many different international companies choose CMP as a base for their main warehousing and distribution of goods to the rest of the world. Toyota distributes cars from CMP to Baltic Sea Region. UNICEF has chosen CMP for their distribution set-up and so has the Danish company Peter Justesen, which distributes consumer goods to more than 160 countries. Roland International's distribution centre for musical instruments is also located at CMP. Acerinox distributes stainless steel, Danisco sugar and Papperbruken paper.

CMP is building new port facilities in Norra hamnen, Malmö, for transhipments of cargo between ships, trucks and the railway network. New port terminals and a combi-terminal will be ready to receive ferry freight and containers from the beginning of 2011. The €100 million investment will substantially increase CMP’s capacity. The multi-modal project is of particular interest to distribution and manufacturing companies, who will be able to use the new terminals for distribution. Companies that need access to port and transport facilities will be encouraged to set up their own distribution centers on 700,000 m2 of adjoining land.

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