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Last updated 11/13/2012 11:14 AM
CMP is a well-integrated logistics centre that connects the rest of Europe with Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Russia.

CMP is strategically well positioned as the most important link in the chain that connects the rest of Europe to Scandinavia, the growing economies in the Baltic states, and Russia. The close proximity of the twin ports to the airport, motorway network and railway systems enables CMP's customers to benefit from synergies in the transport chain and find the best possible logistics solution. The excellent ro-ro facilities at CMP in Malmö are also a good reason to establish logistics operations there.

Several large organisations and shipping companies have realised the benefits of using CMP or locating their own activities in one of the two ports. Their activities are not necessarily limited to transportation – other sub-contractors are often involved in processing, storing or otherwise handling products as they make their way to end users.

Stainless steel for the Baltic states
One customer who works this way is the Spanish company Acerinox, the world's fourth-largest producer of stainless steel. Spanish steel arrives by ship at CMP in Malmö, where it is unloaded and then processed at Acerinox's own plant in the port area.

Acerinox also ships large volumes of stainless steel from South Africa to Germany, from where it continues by rail to Malmö. Here, the steel is loaded onto ships that sail to Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. Large quantities of steel also travel by truck to the Scandinavian countries and Poland. In other words, CMP is an important part of the transport and value chain.

Emergency aid to the whole world
Another big customer is the United Nations Organisation UNICEF, which has been based in Copenhagen Freeport since 1962. Operating out of their central warehouse in Nordhavn, the organisation supports development and relief programmes all over the world. Some one thousand products are stored there, from medicines to teaching materials and tents. In 2007, UNICEF sent more than 2,000 fully stocked 20-foot containers via CMP in Copenhagen. Most of them were destined for planned aid programmes in the Third World. The best way of transporting this kind of cargo is by ship, so it is vital that UNICEF is situated in a container port.

Follow the container
Successful logistics require efficient IT solutions. CMP's IT system allows customers to track their goods throughout the entire transport chain – that means greater security for customers and less time spent on administration.

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