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The Øresund Region is a perfect location for connecting traffic between countries. CMP serves ro-ro traffic going East/West or North/South.

CMP is centrally located for import and export goods going from Sweden to the Continent or goods going to Russia and the Baltic States. Ro-Ro & Ro-Pax traffic consists of the routes: Malmö–Travemünde (Finnlines), Copenhagen–Oslo (DFDS), Copenhagen–Klaipeda (DFDS) and Malmö-Helsinki/St. Petersburg (Finnlines).

Ro-Ro terminals at CMP have a strong market position based on:

  • Well-equipped terminals with latest development in handling 
  • Fast operations with a high average productivity 
  • Professional and dedicated staff 
  • Easy access located next to the port entrance 
  • Rail track to terminals 
  • Large areas for future expansion 
  • All terminals are approved according to “International Ship And Port Facility Security Code” ISPS-code

In early 2011, ro-pax traffic in Malmö was relocatet to Norra hamnen, providing better loading and parking facilities, as well as quick access to the motorway network. The combi-terminal was also be moved to the new terminal and customers find ideal conditions for transfer of goods. Motorway access in Copenhagen will be significantly improved with the construction of a new approach road in 2014.

CMP has been approved by “Norske Veritas Quality Management System Standards” in accordance with ISO 9001 and the International Environmental Code ISO 14001. 

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