Terminal Facts

Last updated 11/23/2012 1:50 PM

CMP offers to load and unload trailers. CMP staffs the Malmö combi-terminal, where freight is transferred to rail.

Malmö – Nordö-Link terminal

  • Three to four daily departures to Germany
  • Three ro-ro berths combining ro-ro and pax
  • Two ramp to vessels’ upper deck
  • Terminal area 300,000 m2
  • Terminal building 800 m2
  • Terminal tractors, 11
  • Conchamps, 2

Malmö Frihamnen terminal

  • Seven ro-ro berths
  • Terminal area 200,000 m2
  • Five terminal tractors

Copenhagen Freeport terminal

  • Four ro-ro berths
  • Terminal area 6,000 m2
  • Terminal building 300 m2
  • Terminal tractors, 10

Copenhagen DFDS Terminal (Tor Line)

  • Terminal dedicated to and operated by customer
  • Three ro-ro berths combining ro-ro and pax
  • Terminal area, 42,000 m2
  • Terminal buildings, 4,400 m2

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