Last updated 11/1/2012 3:22 PM
CMP is a commercial company that creates value for the transport and logistics sector and for the society we are part of.

Shipping plays an important role in an effective and sustainable international transport system. Demands and expectations from the commercial sector and society set CMP’s agenda. CMP’s activities needs to:
  • Develop environmental- and climate-sustainable transport services
  • Create a strong connection between port operations and the entire infrastructure
  • Develop with focus on high levels of safety and low levels of noise and emissions
  • Perform services as effectively as possible
  • Develop strong and lasting partnerships to the benefit of our customers
  • Take part in creation of growth and employment
CMP is driven by a vision of being a leading port operator concerning market position, environment, quality and power of development. “We are the leader” within our sector and location. This is our business vision and our business idea is “to sell and provide port, terminal and transport services”. 

NOTICE: Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) disclaims any responsibility for the reliability of the displayed information on the homepage. Values of importance for navigation and ships safety shall always be compared with other information and observations. © 2012 CMP