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Clean air is a work environment issue, but it also has major significance for those who live in the vicinity of our facilities. It is thus crucial that we reduce emissions. We achieve this by for example purifying exhaust gases from machinery and vehicles or completely omitting them by converting to electric power. The effects of the air emissions can also be restricted by moving some activities further out from the urban environment.

Relocating terminals – good for the local environment
Relocating a number of terminals at a greater distance from Copenhagen and Malmö reduces the problems of air emissions in the local environment. When the new RoRo terminal was put into operation in Malmö, the turn-around-time – the time a ship spends in the port – was cut by 30-40 minutes. This reduces air emissions. In Copenhagen the new cruise terminal is located further out towards the sea. This makes the air emissions from the cruise ships less of a problem for people who live close to the port.

Fewer lorries in the city centre
Relocating the RoRo terminal removed a vast number of lorries from central Malmö, which reduced the air emissions from road traffic in this part of the city. Moving the terminal is also estimated to have reduced overall driving times by between 50,000 and 100,000 hours per year. 

Filters and additives are reducing emissions
Over the years, CMP has fitted particle filters on many of its working machines. The filters reduce both air emissions and noise pollution, thus contributing to a better working environment. In addition, adblue – an additive for diesel engines that reduces emissions of nitric oxides – is used.

Cleaner vehicles and working machines 
Investing in new, modern vehicles and machines improves the air environment. Electric cars that do not have any air emissions at all are currently tested in the operation. At the same time, increasing numbers of working machines are leased from external suppliers when they are needed. This means that CMP always has access to the latest technology, resulting in lower emissions of air pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

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