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The CMP Board reflects a company based on Danish-Swedish cooperation on port service.

The Board consists of 12 members of which four are employees representatives. Members are elected at the annual meeting.

Mads Lebech 
Chairman of the Board. Managing Director. Industriens Fond,board member CPH City & Port Development. Board member since 2012.

Ilmar Reepalu 
Deputy Chairman of the Board. Board member since 2013.

Olof Andersson

Managing Director, Fastighets AB Trianon. Board member since 2013.

 Anja Sonesson
Anja Sonesson

Member of Malmö City Council. Board member since 2015.
Anja Sonesson
Anders Peterson

Head of Ports & Terminals, STENA Line. Board member since 2017.

Anja Sonesson
Søren Jespersen

Director, member since 2017.

Lars Weiss
Member of the Copenhagen City council, board member CPH City & Port Development. Board member since 2011.

Carsten Koch
Chairman of the Københavns Havns Pensionskasse, Arealudviklingsselskabet Fredericia C P/S, Forca A/S, Vækstfonden (Business Development Finance) and Professionshøjskolen UCC
Deputy Chairman of Sund & Bælt Holding A/S, and Femern A/S
Member of the board of directors for Øresundsbrokonsortiet I/S, Dades A/S, Investeringsforeningen Maj Invest, Nordgroup A/S, Chairman of the Employment Council. Board member since 2013

Johnny Isager Høvring 
IT Application Manager. Board member since 2017. Employee representative.

Roger persson
Karsten Jensen

Docker. Board member since 2017. Employee representative.

Gert Inge Johansson
Gert-Inge Johansson

Docker. Board member since 2016. Employee representative.

Florentina Barisha
Florentina Berisha
Redovisningsekonom. Board member since 2018. Employee representative.

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