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CMP participated at the MARENER 2017 Conference You can read more here. Click here


MARENER 2017 is held by World Maritime University and will take place in Malmö on January 24th and 25th- 2017.

 The International Conference on Maritime Energy Management is organized by World Maritime University.

 The 2-Day Conference will focus on both theory and practice. In form of presentation and discussions. The event is organized within eight themes:

  • Theme 1: Regulatory Framework
  • Theme 2: Energy Efficient Ship Design and Operation
  • Theme 3: Energy Management in Ports and Shipyards
  • Theme 4: Economics of Energy Efficiency
  • Theme 5: Social and Human Dimensions of Energy Management
  • Theme 6: Theoretical Aspects of Maritime Energy Management
  • Theme 7: Alternative Fuels and Marine Renewable Energy
  • Theme 8: Offshore and Ocean Energy

 CMP participle as sponsor of this very interesting Maritime event.

For the latest information please visit Conference web page click here

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