Dry Bulk

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CMP has the largest dry bulk terminals in Western Sweden and Eastern Denmark. Import and export of bulk products are mainly oriented towards the regional market, but some products are also handled for transit.

CMP’s market position is based on:

  • Central location in the Øresund Region with almost four million consumers
  • Good possibilities to handle bulk for transit
  • Quays, terminals and available storage areas
  • Easy access by road or rail to hinterland
  • Modern facilities with water depth for large bulk carriers
  • Investment in the new infrastructure and equipment
  • Close co-operation with partners and sub-suppliers
  • Well-trained and committed staff

Our business philosophy is to provide the best facilities for our customers, and to meet their high demands for fast, effective and flexible operation. CMP has a number of different terminals. Each terminal has its own profile and specialization.

By 2011, CMP will have a new quay (650 m) and a bulk area at its disposal in Copenhagen, covering approximately 18 hectares. Water depth sufficient for large bulk carriers. For further information contact "Havnekontoret". A new distribution center for Cementa (HeidelbergCement) will be built in Norra hamnen, Malmö. CMP will establish a 250-meter quay complete with a rail link.

CMP has been approved by “Norske Veritas Quality Management System Standards” in accordance with ISO 9001 and the International Environmental Code ISO 14001.

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