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Lower energy consumption saves the environment and money. We are therefore trying to develop new methods that make us more energy efficient, or pave the way for new technical solutions that are beneficial for the environment and which make CMP more cost-effective. It can apply both to buildings and to our machinery and fleet of vehicles, where we are continually seeking to make improvements.

Smart solutions reduce consumption
CMP’s machinery has to be able to do a range of things, but also save fuel and be as environmentally friendly as possible. Together with the manufacturers, we develop smart, new solutions to reduce fuel consumption and cut carbon dioxide emissions.

One example is the container terminal in Copenhagen where two types of straddle carriers are used. The older type consumes 21 litres of diesel per hour whereas generators are used to operate the newer model, cutting diesel consumption to 14 litres per hour. The next stage in the development might be to purchase straddle carriers with hybrid engines that can cut fuel consumption further.

There are a large number of terminal tractors at the RoRo terminal in Malmö. We have reduced fuel consumption here by 10–15% by fitting diesel catalytic converters on the engines. In addition, energy is saved in the container cranes by utilising the energy in the braking force when the crane lowers the heavy containers.

New technology, lower environmental impact
The really major environmental benefits are usually made when older machinery is replaced with more energy-saving and environmentally friendly models. One such example is found in dry bulk. Compared with older models, the new loaders use about 30 cubic metres less diesel per year. Furthermore, the air emissions are lower, at the same time as the machines make less noise.  

Driving instruction makes a difference
The company-wide EcoDrive training has helped CMP reduce diesel consumption in the working machines per tonne of freight handled. Through EcoDrive, the drivers have received pointers on how to drive more effectively and with greater fuel-efficiency, including a ”gentler” driving style and avoiding idling.

Aiming for lower electricity consumption
Technology and new procedures are used within heating, ventilation and lighting to reduce electricity consumption. Motion detectors have been installed in several buildings and warehouses, which automatically turn the lights on and off in order to optimise electricity consumption. In many places, we have changed to LED lighting, which delivers lower electricity consumption.

Focus on renewable energy 
CMP only purchases green electricity that is generated from renewable sources of energy. Solar collectors have been installed on a staff building in Copenhagen to heat up the water in the changing-rooms. This has resulted in a reduction in heating costs. In the long run, the sun and the wind may have an even greater impact in the operation, including through investments in self-generated solar and wind power in Copenhagen and Malmö.

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