New container crane in Malmö


CMP will invest in a new container crane that is expected to improve productivity for the container business by 20-25 per cent. The procurement process will be concluded during spring. The crane will be in place before summer 2011, when the new container terminal at Norra Hamnen (North Harbour) will be taken into operation.

The Board of Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) made its decision to invest in a new crane on 10 March 2010. It will be a track-bound STS (ship-to-shore) crane for use in the company's container business in Malmö.

"We started the procurement process back in 2009. This decision by the Board now paves the way for final negotiations with the various companies that have shown interest in this deal," says Bengt-Olof Jansson, General Manager for technology within CMP.

New customer requirements

The new crane – which will be taken into use at the new container terminal at Norra Hamnen during 2011 – is expected to increase the productivity of container management by 20-25 per cent compared with today. This new type of STS crane is around 30 metres high and has a better reach that the cranes currently in use.

"Norra Hamnen is being built in order to meet the customer requirements of the future. The new crane meets these requirements in a good way, as it is adapted for the feeder vessels of the future," Bengt-Olof points out.

Following the preliminary procurement process last year, a handful of companies remain, and CMP will now commence final negotiations with these. The process is expected to be complete during spring, with the investment worth between SEK 40 and 50 million.

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