Copenhagen offers festive atmosphere for cruise-ship visitors

Father Christmas will once again be welcoming visitors to Copenhagen when two cruise ships arrive in December.

It's not just summer cruises that are showing strong growth; Christmas cruises to Copenhagen in December are also proving popular, but on a smaller scale. 

This year there will be two arrivals at Langelinie: on 3 December the ‘Balmoral’ will be docking with 1,300 passengers, and 13 December will see the arrival of 1,800 passengers aboard the ‘Boudicca’.

“We want to create a Christmas mood for the cruise visitors as soon as they step ashore, and they can then head into the city to enjoy the festive atmosphere and buy Christmas gifts. Tivoli’s charming Christmas market is our most popular excursion,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries at CMP.

Six arrivals are already registered for December next year, so the Christmas cruises are also showing excellent growth. 

Now we will just be hoping that we might perhaps get a little Christmas snow…

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