New sewage system on the cruise quays in use

CMP’s built-in system of pipelines and pumps has replaced tankers to remove sewage from Ocean Quay

The 1,100 metre long Ocean Quay, CMP’s dedicated new cruise quay, has facilities to alleviate the work required to service the cruise liners. In June CMP used the new, built-in sewage system at Ocean Quay for the first time. It was ”Celebrity Eclipse”, which had ordered collection of 400 cubic metres of black water in advance of its arrival.

”The new built-in system is a major benefit, making it much faster to do the job than before, when we used tanker lorries. They were not able to take the entire volume in one go, and therefore had to return several times to the same ship. The ships now pump sewage directly down into a well on the quay. This also enables us to avoid more vehicular traffic on the quay and in the port,” says Erik Sander, Project Manager, CMP.

From the well on the quay, local pumping stations pump the effluent onward, and it ends up at the Lynetten sewage treatment plant on the other side of the harbour entrance. It took 3-4 hours to pump the 400 cubic metres from ”Celebrity Eclipse”.

The sewage system on Ocean Quay has sufficient capacity to empty three cruise vessels at once. Other facilities at the new quay are built-in pipelines supplying fresh water, the possibility of connecting to broadband, and power outlets for luggage conveyors etc.

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