Spillepengen widened for the future

Spillepengen in Malmö is full of activity, the reconstruction that has been proceeding for a year must be completed by the end of the year. The objective is to increase accessibility to and from Northern Harbour.

”We are removing the commuter traffic to and from Malmö by building two parallel bridges over the roundabout. You could say that we are building the key to Northern and Mellersta Harbours in order to increase capacity to and from the port”, says project manager Conny Ragnarp at the Real Estate Office.

Including retaining walls, the new bridges are together some 600 metres long. However, more than that is taking place in the area. Besides the bridges, there will be two new traffic signals as well as an extension of Borrgatan from Blidögatan to Bjurögatan. Through traffic from Blidögatan to Spillepengen will be stopped, and there will be an unrestricted right lane from Västkustvägen directly onto Spillepengsgatan.

Malmö City Council has ordered the construction works, with co-financing from the Swedish Transport Administration.

”Malmö is a major transit city”, Conny Ragnarp says. “Spillepengen is being widened to accommodate future traffic growth in the port, however it is already cramped as it is. When trains arrive it is like a wall. The same applies when boats are unloaded”.

Further information about the build is available on Malmö City Council’s website: www.malmo.se/spillepengen

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