Stort intresse för den nya tågpendeln

I September 2015 öppnade Copenhagen Malmö Port den nye godspendeln samarbete med Green Cargo.

Från starten har det varit ett stort intresse från kunderna och den nya godspendeln har ytterligare stärkt CMP’s position som en strategisk knutpunkt för varor som transporteras mellan Skandinavien och kontinenten.

Tågpendeln avgår dagligen sex dagar i veckan. Kunderna kan få med sitt gods så sent som kl 19 på kvällen och få det levererat i Stockholm/Årsta på morgonen därefter.
Latest news
5 September 2019
A vitally important part of our work is the continuous inspection of our quays. In the ordinary situation, the inspection of quays is performed from a boat, where one checks from the sea side that the quays are in a satisfactory condition. However the most recent time it was time to check the quays in Norra Hamnen, we chose to test a new, innovative way to conduct the inspection.
27 June 2019
On Tuesday, 25 June 2019, Copenhagen Malmö Port and By & Havn held a public meeting about effects on the environment in connection with the relocation of the container terminal and the establishment of a new cruise terminal in Ydre Nordhavn.
17 June 2019
On 25 June at 18.00-19.30, together with By & Havn, CMP will be holding a public hearing as part of the environmental impact assessment process concerning the relocation of the container terminal and the establishment of a new cruise terminal at Ydre Nordhavn in Copenhagen.
29 May 2019
The world’s leading logistics trade fair, Transport Logistic, will be held in Munich on 4 - 7 June.

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