Self-service at check-in relieves pressure on major departures

In 2015 DFDS introduced kiosks for self-service at CMP’s terminal for the Oslo route, and experience shows that the vast majority of passengers are using the system.

The skiing season is at its peak, and lots of Danish families and enthusiasts are taking DFDS’ ships to go skiing in the Norwegian mountains.

The large numbers of passengers are benefitting from the fact that DFDS has introduced self-service with electronic check-in in the terminal, enabling them to avoid standing in a queue when boarding.

”We introduced check-in kiosks in the terminal in Copenhagen last year. Our goal was that half of the passengers coming through the terminal would make use of it, but we achieved 80%, surpassing all expectations,” says Kevin Helsinghof, DFDS’ Country Manager for Denmark and Sweden.

”It is to our advantage that the automated boarding system is very similar to that which air passengers have been able to use at airports for several years, so our passengers are already used to it. There is normally a queue for the major departures, but we now have a much better flow. We are going to be introducing it in the terminal in Oslo, after which we will extend it to our other routes as well.”

”Another improvement for our passengers is on the way in that we are developing a booking system, which will be out into operation in 2016. It is a huge task for our IT department.”

The market for conferences is growing
It is not just private travel that DFDS is able to attract. The market for businesses that want to combine meetings with a trip to Copenhagen or Oslo is also growing.

”Our B2B passenger turnover increased by 8% in 2015, and that represents an excellent development. It is a difficult area, but we are trying to sell trips to businesses that want to hold meetings and conferences on board. We have fully equipped premises, but we can also offer more physical challenges such as abseiling down the side of the ship. It is a core area for us, and we are going to make it even better known in 2016,” says Kevin Helsinghof.

More than 750,000 passengers travel every year with DFDS on the route between Copenhagen and Oslo.

Latest news
11 November 2019
On Monday, Minister for Transport Benny Engelbrecht visited the Port of Copenhagen for a meeting with Danish Ports and Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP). The main topics for discussion were the Danish Ports Act and the green transition, and the Minister was also given a tour of the port.
30 October 2019
Malmö Industrial Park will be at Logistics & Transport – the Nordic region’s leading trade fair for everybody working with freight flows – in 2019 too. Malmö City and CMP will occupy a joint stand to show why Sweden’s best logistics location is in Malmö.
28 October 2019
Now that the cruise season can be summarised, it can be revealed that CMP is continuing to break records. This year’s contender is Visby, where the number of arrivals increased by 40 per cent. At the same time, Copenhagen is consolidating its position as Northern Europe’s major destination.
9 October 2019
Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) and DFDS have reached an agreement to establish a shore power facility in Copenhagen, which means that the Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways vessels will be able to receive electricity from land. Shore power facility reduce emissions of air contaminated particles such as NOx, SOx and particulate matter, which goes hand in hand with the ambitions of both CMP and DFDS to actively contribute to a greener Copenhagen.

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