Oiltanking Copenhagen takes over Shell terminal on Prøvestenen

Oiltanking GmbH has announced that, via its subsidiary Oiltanking Copenhagen A/S, it is strengthening its position as a leading provider of storage and fuel deliveries to Copenhagen Airport. It is establishing itself in the former Shell terminal on Prøvestenen, thereby expanding its operations at CMP.

“For CMP, this means that we are guaranteed continued activity in the terminal, which until recently Shell had been leasing for over 60 years. Furthermore, we hope and believe that the requirement for fuel storage, as well as other storage, will increase in the future. Naturally, it is positive for both us and companies such as Oiltanking Copenhagen”, says Brian Kristensen, COO, Liquid, Dry Bulk & Property, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB.

Increased volumes means greater demand for large, strategically located terminals.

“Our location as a strategic hub in the Sound, along with our large areas in combination with major actors establishing themselves with us, means that we can offer really good solutions for warehousing and storage. The capacity at Prøvestenen, as well as at our terminal in Malmö, is enormous”, concludes Brian Kristensen.

It is possible to store 73,000 cubic metres of fuel in the new terminal.

Click here to read Oiltanking Gmbh’s press release.

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