In Logistics we can deliver more than the customer expects

Reception and storage of large cable drums for the electricity grid is the latest example of the versatility and flexibility which characterises Logistics in CMP.

Large cable drums have recently been unloaded at CMP’s terminal for further distribution. It is a new customer and a new assignment, which fits perfectly with the port’s capacities.

The cable drums are being handled on behalf of Jumbo Transport and they are en route to, which is in the process of converting the Danish 132 and 150 kilovolt grid from overhead power lines to underground cables. Some of the drums are also en route to projects in Sweden.

”At CMP we would like to contribute the best solutions to manage the customers’ assignments, with the focus on expenditure and service. “Jumbo Transport is a new customer, and we are working together with them to transport the cable drums for”, says Henrik Poulsen, Logistic Coordinator, Port & Terminal Operations.

So far the project comprises 60 drums for Zealand, of 18-29 tonnes each, and in addition 10 to 20 drums for Sweden. CMP’s staff remove the lashings from the drums and put them in storage for subsequent delivery to the customer’s flatbeds truck and barges when they are needed.

“The use of barges is another expansion of the project, with loading of submarine cables for connection to power stations moved into our terminal in order to optimise the customer’s process. This means that the cables that are to be laid at sea don’t have to be transported through Copenhagen for reloading onto barges. Instead we place them directly on barges with our cranes.”

“Time after time we have demonstrated that CMP is capable of resolving our customers’ logistics requirements, and rising to the challenges they encounter in their projects, as well as contributing as a sparring partner in optimising the logistics chain. This has made CMP a stable supplier with the capacity and expertise to supply far more than the customers expect.”

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