Electric cars are the model for CMP

CMP is focused on electric power – including in its car handling operation, where electric-powered vehicles are now being used for transportation in the terminal area. For the next stage, the aim is that 50 per cent of the car fleet will be electric-powered by 2020.

During the year, the car operation has thus made the decision to invest in electric cars. CMP has been the Nordic region’s largest car port for a long time, handling hundreds of thousands of vehicles at the car terminal in Malmö. Every day the personnel transport a large range of items, both inside the terminal area and on board the ships which load and unload cars.

”By investing in electric-powered private cars, we are demonstrating that CMP wants to find new ways to reduce its environmental impact”, Björn Larsson says. “In line with improvements in battery capacity for private cars, we are seeing that these vehicles can be used for operations at our terminals”.

Reduced emissions
The car operation’s own fleet of cars comprises 15 vehicles. During the autumn the first two electric cars were put into operation and a further two will be in place by early 2017. On average, these cars do 80 – 100 kilometres per day. The focus on electric power will thus enable carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced. The cars are charged at night so that they are ready to use for the many day and evening shifts.

”Everything functions as usual with the difference that the electric cars are much quieter than our diesel- and petrol powered vehicles”, Björn Larsson observes. ”Our long-term aim is now to increase the number of electric cars even further. Our aim is that by 2020 half of our utility cars will be powered by electricity”.

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5 July 2017
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