New report about cruise ships’ environmental impact in the Port of Copenhagen

In 2018, Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) took the initiative to draw up a report on the environmental impact of cruise ships on the immediate surroundings of Langelinie in Copenhagen. The report was made by FORCE Technology, which during last year's cruise season performed measurements of ultrafine particles and nitrogen oxides (NO2), respectively, on Langelinie Allé.  

Overall, the report shows that regarding both the measured concentrations of NO2 and ultrafine particles they are below the level of other comparable places in Copenhagen such as H.C. Andersens Boulevard. The measured concentration of NO2 also falls well below the EU limit value. 

However, the emissions from the cruise ships may, in some cases, give rise to short-term high concentrations.

CMP therefore wishes to continue the close dialogue with the industry and the political level to find a sustainable solution to reduce the emissions of the cruise ships when they are at berth in Copenhagen – not least because the cruise industry is a significant growth catalyst for tourism in the capital region. Each year, the cruise industry generates 4000 seasonal jobs, an added value of DKK 1.4 billion and 250,000 hotel nights in Copenhagen.

Read the report here ->

The report will be published in English later this week.

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