Strong cruise season in Copenhagen

When the 2013 cruise season ends, the number of calls will be 346 and the number of passengers just over 800,000. Copenhagen continues to be one of the most popular cruise destinations in Europe.

"Copenhagen has become the natural hub for cruise traffic in northern Europe. We continue to be competitive and are attracting both new and returning guests. The location of the port in the capital is perfect. The airport is close by and Copenhagen is a city that attracts many different types of shipping line and guest – there is something for everyone here," says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise and Ferries at CMP. 

The biggest month for cruises was June, with 88 calls, followed by 86 in July and 74 in August. The season ends in December with five Christmas cruises. Of the 346 calls, 46% are turnaround calls, i.e. the ships take new passengers on board before departure and then passengers disembark when the cruise is over. Numerous changes of crew also take place in Copenhagen during the season. Copenhagen is therefore a sort of home port for these ships during the summer season in the Baltic Sea. 

The rest of the calls are transit calls, which means that the ships visit for the day, allowing the passengers to spend six or seven hours as tourists in Copenhagen. Cruise passengers' and crews' consumption has been estimated as DKK 825 million per annum.* 

CMP is making extensive investments to develop cruise traffic. A new cruise quay will allow 500 calls a year from the start of 2014. Three new state-of-the-art terminal buildings are also being built for the turnaround business. 
"We are pleased to be able to contribute to the development of the tourist industry by creating the best possible conditions for cruise traffic," says Arnt Møller Pedersen. 

Top six nations for cruise passengers in Copenhagen:

1. Germany (25%)
2. USA/Canada (22%)
3. United Kingdom (14%)
4. Italy (7%)
5. Spain (4%)
6. Australia (3%)

2013 was also the first cruise year with turnaround calls for Malmö, with the Spanish cruise operator Pullmantur's ship Empress calling ten times with just over 36,000 passengers. 

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