Johan Ullenby – new Head of PTO

He is a naval officer who changed course to focus on logistics and port operations. He has been responsible for Port and Terminal Operations since the first of December. Meet Johan Ullenby, who now has his sights set on developing CMP’s logistics operation even further.

On his business card it says COO Port & Terminal Operations. It means that from December Johan Ullenby is responsible for the Container, RoRo, Cars and Logistics areas within CMP. Prior to this he worked in Port of Helsingborg with responsibility for port and terminal operations. 

”Farther back, I have also been a naval officer as well as operational manager within TT-Line in Trelleborg, which operates ferry services between Sweden and the continent”, says Johan Ullenby.

”Port and logistics operations are attractive as it is a wide area. I get to work with technical and staff issues, but also with business strategies and infrastructure as well as with integration issues such as here in the Öresund region”, he says.

Develop the logistics hubs

He is a 42-year old father of three who lives in Skanör and who will now have to get a grasp on several of CMP’s operations. 

”A clear difference between CMP and my previous job is that we have a large car handling operation in Malmö. The fact that CMP has become a hub for cars shows how important it is to have the right establishments, which can create a symbiosis and develop both the customer’s and CMP’s business”. 

”I am thinking in particular of Toyota becoming established in Malmö some ten years ago”, he continues. That led to a lot of other car companies coming to CMP and paved the way for growth, which has benefitted both the car companies and us”.

He feels that continuing to develop CMP as a logistics hub is a stimulating and important issue for the future. Another exciting area is the initiative in Nordhavn in Copenhagen and in Northern Harbour in Malmö.

”The fact that we have access to new land - and can move businesses in in Copenhagen and in Malmö – is a major advantage. It creates new conditions, further developing the city and the port together and acting as an acknowledgement that we enjoy a close collaboration and are united in a long-term project”.

Even better solutions

In the role as COO at PTO he is responsible for operations which account for roughly half of CMP’s turnover – and which focus on different areas.

”We are an organisation with a lot of subdivisions. I want to contribute to developing the teamwork in this organisation, to move PTO forward and ensure that we deliver even better solutions throughout the entire line, in other words, both for the customers and internally in a way which strengthens the company as a whole.

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