Record-breaking tanker in the oil port

On 14 October a record-breaking tanker arrived at the oil port in Malmö.

- It is the biggest ever, confirms Jens Haugsöen, manager of the oil port in Malmö.

The tanker Overseas Redwood docked at quay 1004 on Monday afternoon. The ship has the maximum permissible length, i.e. 250 metres, and a margin of just one metre width-wise. The maximum width is 45 metres.

- The ship loaded 91,000 cubic metres of vacuum gas oil, i.e. 80,000 tonnes, says Jens Haugsöen.

CMP’s customer in this case, STS - Scandinavian Tank Storage, specialises in vacuum gas oil. This type of oil is primarily bought by older, unmodernised refineries, which subsequently mix it with crude oil. It can then be upgraded to petrol and diesel among other products. The large shiploads always go to the USA, the next stop for Overseas Redwood is Texas.

- The ship only left the yard three months ago, which means that it is completely new. It was built in Korea, says Jens Haugsöen.

The crew on Overseas Redwood are from Russia and the Philippines. The ship broker is Schultz.

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