The specialist for special assignments

Mammen & Drescher A/S in Copenhagen’s Frihavn is an unusual forwarding agency which offers a number of specialities.

CMP isn’t only known for its port activities, it is also home to a large number of highly specialised businesses which are based and work in the port. For example, the forwarding business Mammen & Drescher A/S, which has had an address in Copenhagen’s Frihavn since 1962.  

Mammen & Drescher offers its clients quality logistics within international freight transport and storage in its own warehouse with accompanying self-storage facilities, as well as distribution to clients at home and abroad. A large part of the job is simply classic forwarding for small and medium-sized businesses, which require a high degree of flexibility adapted precisely to their operations.

”Just like most forwarding agents, we can transport goods from A to B by sea, air or road, but we can do more than that. We receive quite a lot of enquiries because we are based in Frihavnen. Our customers like the fact that we are located in a free zone, and that we can deliver on the undertakings associated with it. Our location close to the centre of Copenhagen is also a benefit for many of our customers, who like the fact that they are close to their goods in Frihavnen,” says General Manager Heini Svendsen.

Mammen & Drescher attend to the cruise liners when they visit CMP, in the form of supplying general cargo, fresh food, luggage for the passengers etc. 

”We ensure that the goods can pass through with no problems with all the paperwork in order, e.g. vets, customs, VAT or hazardous cargo. For example, supplying live lobsters that have been flown in for a cruise ship requires a lot of attention to ensure that they don’t get stranded due to problems with customs or vets, ending up with the ship having sailed. We keep a check on it, and we have to be able to maintain high quality otherwise it all ends in disaster.”  

”We also service cargo ships that have to be repaired or require a spare part in the middle of the night while they are docked here. In addition to that we ensure that all the formalities and papers are in order, so that there are no delays,” says Heini Svendsen.

All in all, Mammen & Drescher is a specialist – particularly when it comes to unusual cars. 
”Transport and customs clearance of classic cars is another one of our specialities. We undertake export and import of cars for collectors who have purchased them at auctions abroad, or are going to sell them outside the country. For example, in 2012 we shipped the bulk of the many cars that were sold at auction from Aalholm Castle’s vintage car museum. They had to be loaded into containers and shipped to buyers throughout the world.

”We were also involved with Gumball 3000, a rally for expensive sports cars, which starts in Copenhagen and ends in Monaco, via Eastern Europe. We monitored the situation, so if there were problems with a car in Russia or somewhere else on the route to Monte Carlo, then they called us. It is a rather different assignment and our extensive international network means that we are known as a company that can resolve the special assignments, e.g. auction houses, or a buyer who needs an expensive car collected from abroad and cleared through customs.” says Operations Manager Lars Bjerre.

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