Recycling engine sludge

UF Teknik A/S operates a round-the-clock service collecting engine sludge from ships that call into Copenhagen’s port

Engine sludge is a necessary waste product on all ships, and the port charges are inclusive of CMP receiving slop from ships when they need to get rid of it.  

”We service all ships, large and small, and we can take up to 40 cbm at a time with our tanker trucks,” says Kenn Stougaard, department manager in the business, which is a part of Gunnar Lund Olieservice, but operates within CMP under the name of UF Teknik. 

The ships must give notice that a collection is required at least 24 hours before they arrive. If it is the same day then they have to pay. 

”But during the time we have been working for CMP, we have never turned down an assignment”, says Kenn Stougaard.

”We collect from 1 cbm and upwards. It is typically the cruise ships that produce most, and we have the peak season in the summer months, when there is also pressure on the cruise traffic in CMP. ” 

With a capacity of 1,300 cbm, UF Teknik’s tank installation is situated on Prøvestenen, south of Copenhagen port. UF Teknik’s acquisition by NORD has increased its tank capacity by 43,000 cbm.

”The aim is not to store it, so we make sure to have a continuous flow, delivering the oil onward for recycling and sending the residual products to be destroyed. ”

”Engine sludge contains up to 95% water, and before we transport it onward, we separate it at our own facility. We extract the water by heating and filtering, so we obtain two products, oil and water. The oil then contains only 5% water, and is subsequently processed and sent for recycling as a replacement for new fuel oil. ”

UF Teknik is naturally subject to strict environmental requirements in this respect. The processes are approved according to ISO 14001, and the filtered water is routinely checked. 

UF Teknik A/S is a part of the Gunnar Lund Group in Esbjerg, which also includes Gunnar Lund Olieservice A/S and Jysk Miljørens A/S. The Gunnar Lund Group was acquired in 2013 by NORD, previously Kommunekemi.

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