Copenhagen Malmö Port developing goods handling together with Katrineholm Rail Point

In order to further rationalise and make more efficient handling of rail goods, CMP today has entered into a collaboration agreement with Katrineholm Rail Point AB (KRP). 

The purpose of the collaboration is to develop rail traffic for goods between port and terminal. CMP and KRP will produce a joint offer for a total solution for the transport and handling of rail goods for both national and international traffic. The goal is to also develop peripheral services that are demanded by both companies' customers. 

The scope of the agreement concerns both unit loaded goods (goods loaded, for example in a container), and goods wagons (rail wagons loaded on tracks, for example for specific industries). 

"This collaboration with Katrineholm Rail Point further strengthens our offer. We can together develop and make more efficient the handling of goods by rail. The goal is to be to offer our customers a complete package for goods handling ", says CMP's CEO Johan Röstin. 

"By honing the offer for transport by rail we facilitate our customers' choice of using a more green alternative", continues Johan Röstin.

"Our collaboration with CMP is very welcome. It gives us the opportunity to jointly offer our customers efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation. For the companies in Mälardalen this will mean that we can meet the companies' demand for attractive transport solutions", says Anders Thörnström, Chairman of the Board at KRP.

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