New cruise awards for CMP at Seatrade Miami

CMP has been successful in its efforts to make the experience of utilising Copenhagen for turnaround as problem-free as possible.

CMP has once again had its status as a leading cruise port underlined. As part of the recent Seatrade Miami event, a jury consisting of representatives from the cruise operators presented CMP with: ”Best Turnaround Port Operations” and ”Best Turnaround Destination” at the Cruise Insight 2013 Awards. 

CMP also received the ”Highest Rating for First Turns” award in connection with Azamara Club Cruises arrivals, an award based on cruise passengers’ assessments.  

”About 45% of our arrivals are turnaround, so this is yet more evidence that we are succeeding in our efforts to make the experience of utilizing Copenhagen for turnaround as problem-free as possible”, says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise and Ferries, CMP.

”At the same time, we can observe that we have established a high and stable level of service, which is resulting in us receiving awards for our work year after year. However, we have not achieved that level simply through our port operations and the hard work of our own personnel. Through the Cruise Copenhagen Network we enjoy a beneficial and successful collaboration with the tourist business, transport operations, incoming agencies and Copenhagen Airport, which means that the passengers’ experience of starting their cruise in Copenhagen or changing from ship to plane is problem-free. Everybody works towards the same goal of optimising our passengers’ and crews’ visit to Copenhagen”.

The awards at Seatrade Miami are not an exception. Throughout the last ten years Copenhagen has received a large range of international awards and distinctions, including Copenhagen being designated ”Europe’s Leading Cruise Destination” five times at the World Travel Awards, most recently in 2012, and receiving the award for ”World’s Leading Cruise Destination” in 2005.
CMP can raise the quality level even higher from May 2014, with the port’s new cruise pier coming into operation. It is 1,100 metres long and has room for three cruise liners at a time, each with its own pavilion for the passengers. 

”The new pier will represent a significant boost for both the cruise operators and the passengers, who will have an even better experience when they arrive at or depart from Copenhagen, and I am certain that it will contribute to enabling us to retain our position in the competition with other ports and destinations”, says Arnt Møller Pedersen. 

The 2014 cruise season has started, and CMP is expecting 313 arrivals in Copenhagen and Malmö, with more than 750,000 passengers.

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