Disney selects Copenhagen for turnaround in 2015

”Disney Magic” is going to become well-known to CMP in the 2015 season, with five turnarounds and visits as part of two other cruises 

The Disney Cruise Lines programme for 2015 includes a range of new cruises to the Norwegian Fiords and the Baltic States, and Disney has selected Copenhagen as turnaround port for five cruises, as well as a starting point for two others.

The five turnarounds are on the Norwegian Fiords programme, for 7 and 9 nights respectively. The ship then departs on an 11 night cruise to the Norwegian Fiords and Iceland with a final call at Dover. In total the ship, ”Disney Magic”, will be visiting Copenhagen on seven cruises in 2015.

”It is great that many years of persistent and targeted work from both CMP and the agent Bella Vista Travel is now delivering results, and we are delighted to provide a quay and a terminal to handle Disney’s turnaround,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries in CMP.

”Copenhagen, Tivoli and Disney are a supreme cocktail, and will without doubt appeal to Disney’s largest group of customers, namely families with children, who are getting the ultimate cruise product with Disney Cruise Line. Even though the vast majority of customers come from the USA, with their starting point in Copenhagen, Disney’s cruises also have the potential to tempt Scandinavian families.”

Disney Cruise Line has cultivated themed cruises, with the focus on the needs of families with children. Disney’s universe - the popular Disney characters, superheroes and play and fun  - is all over the ship, and the trips to the Norwegian fiords also relate to Disney’s latest animated film, Frozen, which takes place in a landscape inspired by Norway. 

”Disney Magic” is moving from the Mediterranean to Copenhagen so that it can start the first cruise to the Norwegian Fiords on 6 June, but Copenhagen will be the starting point as early as 30 May for a cruise with ”Disney Magic” to the Baltic States, with Stockholm as the final port of call. The ship dates from 1998, and was the first ship in Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, which now comprises four cruise liners. It has a capacity of 2,700 passengers and a crew of 950.

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