CMP leading the GSC trade association

The General Stevedoring Council (GSC) is a global trade association for stevedoring operations. It was set up in 1970, has  fifty or so member companies and acts as a meeting place for leading executives from ports throughout the world.  GSC pursues industry-wide issues, stands for an active exchange of ideas and knowledge, and offers courses for specialists in the industry. CMP has long been a member of GSC.

”And it gives us a number of benefits. We gain access to a fantastic network, where key figures from all major ports with stevedoring operations meet and discuss mutual issues.  In addition, GSC has a number of courses that are unique in the industry, and which CMP’s employees can attend”, CMP’s CEO Johan Röstin sums up.
The presidency moves between the member companies and during 2012/2013 Johan Röstin is president of GSC.

”This gives CMP an even greater chance to influence the issues that the organisation addresses. During the year as president I can also contribute to implementing GSC’s long-term strategies, e.g. in issues pertaining to safety and the environment”, he says.

Every spring GSC holds its annual meeting, where the members discuss industry trends and issues relating to strategy and development. For 2014 this meeting will be in Malmö, 12 – 14 May. CMP is host for the event. The theme is safety, work environment and climate change.

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