Malmö gets a grip on freight traffic

Malmö City Council has recently taken a decision to implement its own freight programme. It comprises four objectives and will pave the way for initiatives to both boost freight traffic and benefit Malmö’s future growth.

The programme is the first of its kind in Sweden and the work has been underway since autumn 2012. The freight programme is based on four general objectives – the city’s attractiveness in relation to freight traffic, Malmö as a part of the Öresund freight node, the impact on the environment and health, as well as security and safety.

 ”Malmö is growing. In fifteen years time there might be 400,000 inhabitants”, says Kerstin Gustafsson, Director of Streets and Parks in Malmö City. The provision of food, drink, building materials and everything else required for a good life now requires particular attention. The city can simply expand through becoming denser and if that is the case then it is increasingly important that freight transportation and waste management receive the same priority as pedestrian, bicycle and public transport.

”Despite intensive questioning by actors in the industry and within research, nobody can say how much greater transport volumes become when a city grows by 100,000 inhabitants”, she continues. We are developing new knowledge here in terms of city logistics and sustainable transportation.

Description of the current situation provides facts

Malmö City has also produced a description of the current situation comprising facts and statistics which will constitute the basis for the decisions, strategies and objectives that are being formulated in the freight programme. Stockholm is also expected to be next to produce a similar plan of action.

Read more about Malmö’s new freight traffic programme:

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