New Nordhavn Tunnel will also service traffic to CMP

A tunnel to the motorway network will be a major benefit for traffic to CMP’s container and cruise terminals 

”It is an incredibly important agreement to improve traffic in Copenhagen,” said the city’s Lord Mayor when the latest political agreement was approved between the Government and Copenhagen municipality on developing Copenhagen’s infrastructure.

Part of the agreement concerns a new road tunnel underneath Svanemøllebugten, to be called Nordhavn Tunnel, which will link Nordhavnsvej and Nordhavn, and thereby also Frihavnen. It will provide traffic from here with a direct connection to the overall motorway network, which will substantially alleviate the burden on the roads in the locality.

”The agreement also represents a major benefit for CMP”, says Gert Nørgaard, Strategy and Planning Manager, CMP:

”The tunnel will significantly improve access for traffic to our container terminal and to the new cruise terminal at Ocean Quay. On days with peak traffic it can be a challenge to get through the traffic from Sundkrogsgade to Kalkbrænderihavnsgade, but that’s what we want to avoid with the new tunnel, which will provide a direct connection to the motorway network.”

The tunnel’s precise location has not yet been settled, as it is linked to the planning of Nordhavn’s urban development area immediately north of CMP’s current container terminal. An urban district is going to be constructed in Nordhavn with room for 40,000 residents and 20,000 jobs. Communications to the district will include a new Metro line, a branch off the Metro Cityring which is currently under construction. Extending the metro line in Nordhavn with an additional three stations is part of the agreement.

The Tunnel and Metro to Nordhavn are part of a package, which also includes an expansion of the Metro network with five stations to the Sydhavn residential area.

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