Major turnaround day at Ocean Quay

It was ”all hands on deck” for CMP on 8 August when the new Ocean Quay was tested by three turnaround arrivals. 

In a busy cruise season there are exceptional days which demand an especially high level of attention. One such day was Friday 8 August, when six cruise liners arrived in Copenhagen on the same day, three of which were at the new Ocean Quay, which was opened in May this year. 

The three ships which docked at Ocean Quay – Royal Princess, Norwegian Star and Eurodam – were all on turnaround, and the pressure was therefore on in the three new passenger terminals, which were designed precisely to cope with days such as this. 

About 8,000 passengers disembarked to finish their voyage. They were heading directly to Copenhagen Airport, or to do some sightseeing first, or to a hotel in Copenhagen before their flight departed. While the ships were being made ready for the next cruise, 8,000 new passengers arrived at Ocean Quay during the day to check in and go on-board the three ships. 16,000 passengers on turnaround means at least 32,000 pieces of luggage, which have to be checked off and moved between ship and terminal.   

A day such as this places enormous demands on all the staff from CMP, the bus and taxi companies, the incoming agencies, the guides and everyone else involved. For CMP didn’t just have arrivals at Ocean Quay. On the same day, Azamara Journey docked at Orient Quay, and Legend of the Seas and Mein Schiff 2 at Langelinie Quay, so all staff were on duty. 

”It is on days like this that we really get to test our capacity. Ocean Quay was designed for this, and we have arranged the terminals so that we can check the large numbers of passengers in and out. But when it really gets down to it, it is always exciting to see if we can manage it. I feel it went well, all things considered, and it’s something we can be proud of,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries in CMP.

 ”CMP has achieved a high standard of service when it comes to cruises, but we haven’t reached that level on our own. The Cruise Copenhagen Network gives us a beneficial and successful collaboration with the tourist business, transport operations, incoming agencies and Copenhagen Airport, which means that the passengers’ experience of starting their cruise in Copenhagen or changing from ship to plane is problem-free. Everybody works towards the same goal of optimising our passengers’ and crews’ visit to Copenhagen,” says Arnt Møller Pedersen.

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