CMP makes major investment – launches container shuttle in Öresund

CMP is investing in a new type of shuttle service between Malmö and Copenhagen. Daily barge traffic between the cities will simplify transportation of containers and other freight. The short cut over the strait will be flexible and cost-effective for freight customers, however it will also deliver environmental benefits.

The shuttle service will be launched in March 2015 and is based on barges which will provide a daily service between CMP’s terminals in Malmö and Copenhagen. This will increase the frequency of the container transports via Malmö. 

”A short cut is now being created across Öresund from which the customers will benefit”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP. ”Transporting containers will be simpler and more cost-effective.  The environmental impact will also be reduced. Freight is conveyed from lorry to local shipping when we use Öresund waterway for regional shipments. It will reduce emissions, noise and congestion on the roads in Skåne”. 

Competitive alternative

Today thousands of containers are moved by lorry to and from other ports in Skåne. Many of these containers can instead go via Malmö and Copenhagen. The shuttle links together both import and export flows at CMP’s terminals. Furthermore, every week Copenhagen has seven arrivals of feeder ships, which connect the container traffic to all major international ports. 

”The container shuttle will be a flexible and competitive alternative for customers. They can switch between our terminals and utilise the alternatives which are best at any given time, for example, regarding empty containers and freight prices. Added to this is the fact that the costs for road transport can also be reduced”, Johan Röstin emphasises. 

New transport flows

The fact that CMP’s container service is improving will not just benefit today’s customers. With more companies establishing themselves in Malmö’s new industrial park, this traffic must be properly developed. Moreover, emissions requirements for shipping in the Baltic are going to be tightened at the turn of the year. This might change the transport flows throughout the Baltic region and strengthen CMP’s role as a transport hub. 

There is a similar shuttle service in Istanbul, where barges link together ports on the Bosporus. CMP is putting four barges into operation. Two or three will transport containers every day. Each one can carry 100 TEUs. The fourth barge will concentrate on dry bulk as a recyclable material and biofuel. The shuttle service is a collaboration between CMP and byWatertruck AB, with byWatertruck responsible for the operation. Tug boats will move the barges over the Sound. The crossing will take two hours.

”We want to be involved in reducing the environmental impact. Öresund is one of busiest stretches of water in the world, but it is nothing compared with the roads in the region. Moving freight off the roads improves accessibility, which benefits growth in this dynamic region”, says Thomas Lindblad, CEO of byWatertruck AB. 
”CMP is usually described as one port with two home countries”, Johan Röstin concludes. ”By establishing the container shuttle we are emphasising how true this is”.

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