Extraordinary lifts

CMP’s terminal offers professional handling of Out of Gauge Cargo - cargo which is too large or too heavy to fit in a standard container.

Besides the familiar containers which are loaded and unloaded every day on and off the ships in the container terminal in Copenhagen, there is freight which does not fit inside the standard dimensions for a container and which requires more powerful equipment. CMP is able to deal with this too.

”Project loads are a part of our brand, and we market ourselves for the type of freight we call ´out of gauge´ cargo, in other words, everything that cannot fit in a standard container. For example, we received the four tunnel boring machines, which are now drilling the new line for Copenhagen’s Metro. The lifts were up to 48 tonnes at a time, and the tunnel boring machines were put together in CMP´s warehouse” says Henrik Poulsen, Supervisor, Cargo Operations in Port & Terminal Operations.

”Our terminal cranes can lift 70 tonnes on the hook and extend 36 metres out over the basin, which gives us options beyond simply handling containers. We are really good at handling large cargo, and our trained staff’s professional approach ensures correct handling, thus also avoiding damage to the cargo. For example, we also ship production plants and large machines out of the country. We can also handle flatracks for sea transport, which we pack and secure according to the customer’s wishes”.

With an extension of the local access road to the motorway network, CMP in Copenhagen will soon have even better conditions for receiving and shipping out of gauge gods.   

The terminal has also increased the lifting capacity on the quay with two new fork-lift trucks, each of which can lift 28 tonnes, as well as a smaller truck that can lift 5 tonnes and is designed to handle cargo inside a standard container. It gives us new options to effectively meet customers’ requirements.

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