Modules for Helsingborg General Hospital going via CMP

Helsingborg General Hospital’s main building is to be renovated. The construction work requires huge modules from Germany via CMP, the first shipment arrived as early as the beginning of August.

The modules will be arriving ten at a time on Finnlines vessels. A total of 160 modules will then be taken from CMP to Helsingborg General Hospital using special transportation.

The project shipper is UTC Overseas AB, who is looking after the transportation from start to finish.

“CMP will be receiving the big modules at the port and loading them onto lorries for onward transportation. We are also of assistance in terms of providing space for modules when the need arise,” says Ann Charlotte Halldén Åkeson, Key Account Manager, Port and Terminal Operations at CMP.

Assignments such as this – hands-on and in close dialogue with the customer – suit CMP to a tee, according to Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson.

“We are anxious for the project to go as well as possible. We are sensitive to the shipper’s requirements, are flexible and can make resources available in order to optimise solutions.”

The modules, which are being manufactured by Cadolto, require special transportation for their onward journey from the Port of Malmö to their destination in Helsingborg. They are between 5 and 15 metres long, around 5 metres wide and 3.5 metres high, and their weight ranges from just over 4 tonnes to 24 tonnes.

At Helsingborg General Hospital the modules will form a three storey pavilion-style building for somatic outpatient departments.

“The outpatient departments will be evacuated from the main building ahead of the renovation,” says Kristina Åkerman, a construction coordinator at Helsingborg General Hospital and part of Skånevård Sund’s management team.

“The buildings will remain in situ until the conversion of Helsingborg’s hospital area is complete, in 2023 (estimated completion date). Region Skåne will then decide what they are to be used for – they could maybe be moved to another hospital area in need of such facilities because of conversion work,” she continues.

CMP will be receiving the first batch of modules in August. All the modules are to be in place by October.

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