Copenhagen offers excellent opportunities
 for foreign businesses

Copenhagen has come a long way as a capital city when it comes to attracting foreign investments. The city has a good reputation internationally, and attracts both well-educated staff and large businesses.

Copenhagen Capacity, which is tasked with attracting investments and workplaces to the region, believes that the Danish metropolitan area – Greater Copenhagen – is a good place to site, for example, a Nordic head office, a logistics hub or an R&D department. Copenhagen has an international airport located close to the city centre, and, not least, Denmark also has a flexible labour market with a well-educated workforce in many fields, including innovation, design and logistics. 

The American magazine Forbes has designated Denmark as the ”Best Country to do Business”, and figures from the Swiss business school IMD and the Financial Times place Copenhagen in the forefront due to low prices for office rents and low expenses for labour, which makes it easy to hire and fire staff. 

Smart city and green transport
In 2014, Copenhagen Capacity contributed to creating 789 jobs distributed over 33 projects. When indirect jobs are included, the total is 1,310 jobs. The results are due, among other things, to the fact that Copenhagen Capacity has commenced a new sales strategy, which rather than using broadly-based branding, utilizes targeted marketing of individual business opportunities for selected businesses and investors.

In 2014, Copenhagen Capacity specifically marketed Copenhagen’s qualifications as a smart city with green transport. Foreign businesses can develop and test new solutions here in a unique collaboration with governmental agencies, research institutions and businesses. Using targeted offers, it has succeeded in attracting major players such as Hitachi, Cisco, E.ON, Shandong Longlive and Car2Go. Copenhagen Capacity will continue to focus on marketing Copenhagen in 2015 as a leading laboratory for health, smart city and green transport.

From Cleantech to Healthtech
Copenhagen Capacity has completed two large, successful cluster projects: Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC) and International Cleantech Network (ICN).

Since 2009, CCC and ICN have contributed to creating 1,096 new jobs, attracted 12 foreign cleantech businesses, supported 126 entrepreneurial businesses and created 64 new research collaborations and 38 new business collaborations. On their completion in 2014, the cluster projects have thus accomplished the vast majority of their goals.

Furthermore, ICN, which was established as a part of CCC, has signed up 700 participants for two international smart city conferences in Copenhagen and been host for more than 20 delegations from countries including Singapore, USA, Canada, China, South Africa, Turkey, Germany, France and Holland. Today both CCC and ICN are self-financed member organisations. 

In November 2014, the Capital region of Denmark and Copenhagen Municipality launched Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster (CHC), which will locate its secretariat at Copenhagen Capacity over the next four years. CHC was set up, among other reasons, because the SPI project has enabled Copenhagen Capacity to identify a position of strength within technological health and welfare solutions, and, based on intelligent offers, it will now work to attract foreign businesses and increase exports of welfare and health technology.

Copenhagen Capacity is the official non-profit organisation for promotion of investments and development of businesses and clusters. Its mission is to strengthen the region’s international competitiveness, market its strengths internationally and improve conditions for businesses, clusters and international staff.

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