CMP receiving ever larger car carriers

Last updated 10/13/2015 10:56 AM

CMP is Scandinavia’s largest car port and it is now making further advances – through receiving the latest generation of car carrier. The gigantic Hawaiian Highway unloaded cars at CMP’s car terminal for the first time in early September.

”CMP must continuously safeguard its position as leading car port in Northern Europe. It is therefore important that we can receive this type of ship”, observes Björn Larsson, terminal manager at CMP. 

The ship, with the exotic name Hawaiian Highway, is almost 200 metres long, fully 38 metres wide and can take 7,500 vehicles on board. At CMP the ship unloaded 1,500 vehicles for the markets in the Nordic region, Russia and the Baltic States. 

”We can observe that increasing numbers of shipping companies are investing in newer and larger ships. These arrivals will therefore also become increasingly common at CMP in the future”, says Björn Larsson.

Hawaiian Highway visited CMP in September on its maiden voyage. 
”And as with all maiden calls, we made a visit on board to welcome and congratulate the ship and her crew”, reports Johan Ullenby, Head of Port and Terminal Operations at CMP.

Purpose-built for transporting vehicles
Hawaiian Highway belongs to the third generation of PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier). She is several metres wider than her predecessors and even more energy efficient. The PCTC ships are purpose-built for transporting cars, but are also used to transport lorries, buses and construction machinery in the ”High and Heavy” segment.

”Our facilities are ideal for receiving these ships. We fulfil the nautical prerequisites in relation to inward approach, depth of water and quays, and can provide all other services and support that might be relevant. This means that CMP offers logistics solutions that meet the shipping companies and the customers’ different needs”, says Johan Ullenby.

”As the ships get bigger, ship operations usually get faster, resulting in a shorter period at our quays”, says Björn Larsson. “The ramps on board these new ships are large, which facilitates unloading as more vehicles can be handled simultaneously in our flows. It improves productivity and also enables us to maintain the high quality that is a feature of CMP’s car handling operation”.

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