CMP can grow with its customers

Last updated 10/11/2015 7:44 PM

CMP has the space and adaptability for customers with specific requirements. For example, there are vast areas and opportunities in Northern Harbour in Malmö for companies that want to establish themselves, as well as storage areas for companies. 

”Lantmännen, for example, sends hundreds of thousands of tonnes of grain through the quay every year”, says Perry Emchen, Terminal Manager Bulk Malmö. “During the high season they store grain temporarily in our old RoRo terminal. It involves an area of about 7,000 sqm. There is such pressure during the harvest time that they do not have room for everything in their silos”. 

In Swede Harbour – also called Bulken – where Perry Emchen and his colleagues work, it is otherwise mainly salt, unrefined sugar, scrap and limestone that is handled. 

”We have an enormous 10,000 sqm tent, as well as a 4,000 sqm concrete building for storage”. 

During the beet harvest from the end of September to the end of December it is mainly unrefined sugar in circulation. From Swede Harbour the unrefined sugar is driven to Arlöv and Nordic Sugar where sugar products are produced all year round. Road salt is also a major product at CMP. 

”We receive the salt in late summer and it is gradually shipped out for roads throughout the country. Right now we have several thousand tonnes. If it is a mild winter it might hang around for a while”.

Scrap constitutes the majority of the bulk that is handled in Swede Harbour. The biggest customer is Stena, which turns over several hundred thousand tonnes of scrap every year. Spain, Turkey and the USA are the countries which take most scrap. 

”We have room for even more scrap and we have the space to build warehouses if we get a long-term contract”. 

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