Svetruck ships trucks via CMP

Last updated 10/12/2015 9:46 AM

When Svetruck transports trucks they do it via CMP. During September trucks have been loaded in Malmö for onward transport to final destinations in Peru and Germany. This demonstrates yet again how strong CMP’s offering is within the high and heavy segment.

Svetruck AB in Ljungby has been providing the whole world with trucks since 1977. It involves forklift trucks and container handlers, log stackers for the timber and cellulose/paper industry, as well as many other specially adapted trucks.  

”Svetruck AB manufactures trucks that weigh between 10 and 55 tonnes, as well as timber machinery, where we are world leaders”, says Dan Johansson, Area Sales Manager for Svetruck AB. “About 75% of the products are exported, and we currently have a presence in more than 70 countries”.

In September trucks have been shipped out from CMP in Malmö to final destinations in Germany and Peru. One truck was delivered to Peru which changes tyres – what is known as tyre handling – on the gigantic machines that are used in the mining industry. A special unit is mounted at the front of the truck so that it can lift and handle the tyres, which can be several metres in size.

”Proximity to Europe with first-rate daily connections makes CMP an ideal port of shipment for Svetruck AB”, says Dan Johansson. “In early October we are also shipping out two log stackers via Malmö. The model is called Svetruck TMF 15/11 and the final destination on this occasion is Germany”.

Competitiveness within high and heavy
Svetruck’s products are in the high and heavy segment, which also includes buses, lorries, construction machinery and other heavy vehicles.

” High and heavy is an important complement to CMP’s car operation, particularly as it represents an interesting return cargo for the car carriers with which we collaborate”, says Johan Ullenby, COO for Port & Terminal Operations at CMP. 

” We have the technology, the know-how, the space and the infrastructure that is required to handle this sort of freight effectively”, he continues. “We would consequently like to expand further and demonstrate that CMP is a competitive alternative to the ports which traditionally handle large volumes within high and heavy”.

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