More freight by rail to CMP

Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, is engaged in a new collaboration to increase freight traffic by train to and from Northern Harbour. The new train service starts from the Netherlands and serves Malmö three times a week. The collaboration strengthens CMP’s role as a hub for freight handling in Southern Sweden. 

Freight traffic by rail will now increase in Malmö and Northern Harbour. The German forwarding agent Kombiverkehr has established a new train service which will serve Malmö three times a week. The first train, with a capacity up to 36 carriages, arrived on 29 January.

“We received an enquiry from Kombiverkehr just before the turn of the year, and the collaboration has quickly got under way”, says Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson, Key Account Manager in CMP. 

Hub for freight handling
The train starts from the Dutch town of Coevorden and also stops at Bad Bentheim in Germany en route to Malmö. Malmö Northern Harbour is the final destination. The train is then reloaded and returns to Germany and Holland.

“CMP has a large capacity for combi-traffic by rail, and is thus an interesting alternative to the inland terminal in Malmö”, says Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson. It is also simple to reload freight here between ship, train and lorry, making CMP a practical nodal point for logistics. 

“Being able to offer these trimodal services where several types of traffic combine is therefore an important competitive asset for us,” she continues.

A major actor
Operations at the combi-terminal in Northern Harbour are structured around two separate track systems. The tracks are 800 metres long, enabling CMP to load and unload the entire train. The capacity can easily be extended with a further two tracks in Northern Harbour.

The forwarding agent Kombiverkehr handles freight via combi-traffic with trains throughout Europe. The company is a major actor, handling about 22 million tonnes of freight in 2013. The service to and from Malmö entails Kombiverkehr collaborating with the train operators, DB Schenker and Green Cargo.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Röstin, CEO of Copenhagen Malmö Port AB
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Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson, Key Account Manager, Port & Terminal Operations, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB
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