CMP in collaboration with BYD – leading manufacturer of electric vehicles

CMP has signed an agreement with the Chinese company BYD, the world leader in the manufacture of electric powered vehicles. The agreement paves the way for a wide-ranging collaboration in the future. BYD will deliver the first electric powered buses to customers in Sweden in the autumn. These buses will be unloaded at CMP in Malmö.

CMP signed an agreement with BYD in mid-May. The Chinese company is a world leader in the electric powered vehicles market. The aim of the agreement is to engender a collaboration that can further extend CMP’s vehicle operations. Malmö is already Scandinavia’s largest port of entry for cars, with CMP currently working in conjunction with fifteen different makes.

”We are extremely pleased about the agreement with BYD, which reflects CMP’s deliberate strategy in terms of what is usually called rolling freight, i.e. cars and heavier vehicles such as buses and lorries”, says Johan Röstin, CEO of CMP. ”A further positive factor for us is that BYD has a green profile and a number of products based on advanced environmental engineering”.

”BYD is by far the largest supplier in the world of pure electric buses and taxis – which will revolutionise public transportation in the world’s largest and most polluted cities”, says Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe. ”Unlike all of our automotive competitors, our core business is battery technology – so we understand how to make reliable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles,”.

BYD launched its first fully electric powered bus in 2010 and since then has sold 3,500 with a further 4,000 on order worldwide. The company has hundreds of millions of passenger-carrying kilometres of experience and its technology is proven in a variety of climates and geographies.

”CMP specialises in logistics, and the company’s facilities and geographic location make it ideal for handling our buses. Moreover, CMP offers the option of establishing Pre-Delivery Inspection and other services that may be important to us in the future”, Mr Ho emphasises.

BYD will deliver the first electric powered buses to the Swedish market in the autumn. Seven buses will provide local transport in Eskilstuna and Ängelholm.

”We can observe that the Swedish market is moving towards electric powered buses and that there is a growing awareness of this type of vehicles”, says Mr Ho.

The buses from BYD are going to be delivered during November and December. They will be unloaded at CMP’s vehicle terminal in Malmö.

Joint marketing
”The agreement between our companies is also based on us marketing each other’s products and services, which opens up interesting opportunities”, says Johan Röstin.

”Furthermore, both CMP and ourselves are open to a long-term development in which working vehicles at the port terminals are electric powered”, says Mr Ho. “BYD has already produced prototypes for this type of vehicle, which we are also hoping will be a part of our future collaboration”.

About BYD: A leading, innovative company
BYD was founded in 1996 and has grown to be the largest maker of rechargeable batteries in the world. Today its specialisations include vehicles as well as new energy solutions. The company has some 180,000 employees in China and globally, as well as operations in the USA, Europe, Japan, India and other markets. Since 2003 the company has been established in the vehicle market and is the fastest growing auto maker in China. It has developed a range of electric powered cars, buses and forklift trucks.

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