Over 60,000 passengers are expected for Gotland in 2018

Over 40 ships are already scheduled to put into Gotland in 2018. Activities are fully underway to equip Gotland to handle over 60,000 passengers during its first season once the cruise quay has opened.

Region Gotland and CMP have been working hard to market the island for its maiden season and it has produced excellent results.

”The shipping companies seem to be very positive about Visby and Gotland as a cruise destination. The possibility of calling at Visby is making the cruise routes in the Baltic more attractive. So far we already have over 40 confirmed bookings for the 2018 cruise season, which means that over 60,000 passengers and reservations are continuing to come in. It is great that CMP, with our long experience of developing cruise ports, is contributing to developing Gotland as a destination”, says Arnt Møller Pedersen, head of cruise traffic at Copenhagen Malmö Port.

Preparations for handling so many ships and passengers are fully under way. Gotland has to be equipped to handle a very large number of visitors. Both Region Gotland and CMP are hoping for 150 arrivals per year in the future. This week representatives for Region Gotland, CMP and the business community met to discuss opportunities and challenges for 2018.

”We are delighted to already have so many cruise ships booked in. it is an exciting challenge to receive several thousand visitors at one time, and it is simultaneously a great opportunity to be good hosts and to display Gotland from its best side”, says Stefan Persson, Region Gotland’s Enterprise Manager.

The infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring that the logistics to and from the cruise quay function. Plans include building a footbridge from the quay area to the other side of the road. In addition, new signs will be needed throughout Visby, as well as public toilets and better bus services.

Two ships of 340 metres each will be able to dock at the cruise quay simultaneously when it is completed. Including abutments, the quay extends a total of 530 metre out into the sea. It is possible to dock at Visby with an average wind of up to 14 metres per second. A terminal of about 300 square metres is also under construction for passengers and crew in connection with the quay. The main contractor is the Danish company Aarsleff A/S.

For further information, please contact:

Stefan Persson, Enterprise Manager, Region Gotland
Tel:  +46 (0)498 26 93 61, e-mail: stefan.persson@gotland.se

Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries, Copenhagen Malmö Port AB,
Tel: +45 3546 1107, e-mail: arnt.moller@cmport.com

More information: gotland.se/kryssning

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