Malmö City boosts investment in Malmö port with 30 year plan

Malmö 15 June 2020

Malmö City is continuing to invest in strengthening Malmö as a port city and is presenting a master plan today which shows the city's long-term ambitions for Malmö port operations. The plan clarifies how the city would like the port in Malmö to develop over the next 30 years and how to work towards the overall objectives based on its role as port owner.

The city council is continuing to invest in the port development in Malmö. The master plan for Malmö port is the first overall plan that the municipality has produced for the port operation. Besides the long-term focus, it also contains a plan of action with activities that support the development.

“Malmö is a city that looks out toward the world around it. The port has an important significance for our identity. A master plan keeps the focus on continuing to be a modern port with high sustainability goals. The port's strategic location provides effective logistics solutions for combined shipping, rail and road," says Chair of the Technical Services Committee, Andreas Schönström (S).

The overall goals highlighted in the master plan are that the port area should be a part of a sustainable society through the port contributing to increased employment in the region and that the land should be used effectively to provide a healthy return for the city.

“Through working actively on the development of Malmö port we will build on the city's legacy and enable operations and business opportunities to be developed in a contemporary fashion. The port will be developed sustainably based on the port's and the port-related business’s interests," says Deputy Chair of the Technical Services Committee, Håkan Linné (L).

“As port operator, we have enjoyed a close collaboration with Malmö City for the development of the port in Malmö over a long period, and welcome the clear, long-term plan. The development of both the port and the directly adjacent Malmö Industrial Park has a major potential to shape logistics for the future, with trimodality and effective transshipment between different types of transport. A master plan makes it clear to the market that sustainable collaborations with actors in the area will enable us to offer a strong solution for the logistics that run between Sweden, the Nordic region and the continent," says Barbara Scheel Agersnap, CEO Copenhagen Malmö Port.

Malmö Industrial Park is an expansive industrial area that offers attractive industrial sites for portrelated businesses. It was finalised in the last few days that the Dutch logistics company, Westerman Multimodal Logistics, is establishing itself here, with Malmö City letting land with leasehold to the property company MG Real Estate, which will be Westerman's landlord. The new establishment involves 50 new workplaces in the facility, with increased employment in sectors linked to transport and logistics, as well as trade and industry in general in the Malmö region.


Nina Nordin, projektsekreterare, fastighets- och gatukontoret, Malmö stad,, +46 0709-341686

Andreas Schönström (S), tekniska nämndens ordförandeMalmö stad,, 0709-116897

Håkan Linné (L), tekniska nämndens vice ordförandeMalmö stad,,0701-893631

Johan Ullenby, ansvarig för Norra Hamnen, Copenhagen Malmö Port,, +46 706 924 141

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Malmö City is continuing to invest in strengthening Malmö as a port city and is presenting a master plan today which shows the city's long-term ambitions for Malmö port operations.
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