Cruise Quay in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen Malmö Port with three new Terminals
                        * total investment of DKK600 million

                        * And a Royal inauguration

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) has built three, new dedicated Cruise Terminals in the Danish capital Copenhagen. CMP is expanding in order to meet future demands.

 The new facilities in Copenhagen was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark  on the 2nd May, 2014 when “Legend of the Seas” will mark RCCL’s first call of the season.

 This expansion of the Port of Copenhagen has taken in place not only to meet future demands but also to develop the facilities even further. The pier will allow space for three large cruise ships along a 1,100 metre long and 70 metres wide dedicated cruise quay.  There will be three terminal buildings, each of 3,300 sqm. Each terminal building will have 1,800 sqm for passenger handling and 1,500 sqm for luggage handling. A core unit in the middle will comprise toilets and technology and staff rooms.

 Some of the walls in the terminal buildings consist of iridescent plastic material attached to a bearing system made of concrete. The walls thus provide a degree of light, contributing to the warm atmosphere and the attractive color changes when you look at the buildings from the outside.

 It has always been important to both Copenhagen Municipality and CMP for a green profile to permeate the project. As part of this work, all the buildings will be provided with green vegetation in the form of a sedum roof. Another important matter is improving handling of waste water from the vessels.

 Permanent facilities for simultaneous handling of waste water from three big cruise ships will be incorporated at the pier with a capacity up to 900 cbm/hour (300 cbm/hour/ship) and connection points every 60 meters. The quay will also be prepared for power cable tubes for future investments in electrical power from land. However in 2011 only four ships in the Baltic area were able to use shore power.

At the south end of the quay there will be a public area with a viewing tower. On the opposite, north-facing, side the harbor basin will be filled with landfill from the new metro that is being built in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Malmö Port – a strong destination

In recent years, Copenhagen has developed into one of the strongest Northern European destinations in the cruise industry. In 2013 Copenhagen received 347 calls and 805.000 passengers and 230,000 crew members. Malmö received 10 calls and 31.500 passengers.

 “We are looking forward to gaining smooth access to the new quay and terminals, which will enable us to provide an even higher service to ships and passengers and at the same time, the solutions for cars, buses and taxi service will become even more efficient,” says COO Arnt Moller Pedersen from Copenhagen Malmö Port, who is responsible for cruise calls in Copenhagen and Malmö.

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