Subaru is now a car brand at CMP

Another strong Japanese brand has become customer at CMP. Subaru has used facilities since last autumn.

Pure Car Carrier City of Amsterdam docked at Malmö late November. On board were 250 new cars. The following week another vessel called carrying approx. 440 new cars. During 2012 a total of 10.000 Subaru cars are expected to be transshipped via CMP Malmö.

Around 60 percent of the cars will be transshipped to the Baltics and Russia. The rest are for the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

          •     Subaru is a so called transshipment customer. The new cars arrive and stored before being exported. We provide storage says Björn Larsson, terminal manager at CMP.

          •     We have had another strong Japanese car brand. Subaru is a high class brand he continues.

Subaru but also a great number of different car brands use CMP facilities, among others are Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Isuzu, Ford, Peugeot and Mercedes.

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