CMP investing in order to resolve logistics operation for DSV

CMP is receiving 90 containers of steel sheets and unloading them for DSV, which will take care of the rest of the transportation to Malmö

The transport group DSV A/S has been commissioned to transport sheet steel to its customer Damstahl in Malmö, however, it needed a collaborative partner to receive the large number of shipments as its previous partner was not able to perform the task without damaging the goods.

”We have previously enjoyed a successful collaboration with DSV in receiving and storing concrete panels for the Metro construction in Copenhagen, they consequently contacted us regarding this new order as well,” says Jesper Ejlerskov, Terminal Operations Manager in CMP.

The steel sheets will arrive by boat to CMP’s container terminal in Copenhagen, after which they will be stored in Frihavnen. CMP will unload the sheets from the containers and load them onto lorries, whereupon DSV will drive them over the Öresund Bridge to Malmö. The sheets will arrive in loads of between 1 to 11 containers at a time, 90 containers in total with an overall weight of 2,000 tonnes.

”We have the space and capacity to take on this type of assignment. In order to resolve this particular job without damaging the goods, it has been necessary to invest in the right equipment, in this case, a low truck with special forks to load the sheets onto DSV’s lorries.”

DSV’s customer is Damstahl Malmö, which specialises in manufacturing stainless steel fittings for the food and steel industries.

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